Tall Boots Photography-Rachael Taylor - Be bold, be fabulous, be you. Tall Boots Photography is dramatic, whimsical, funky … any maybe just a little over the top. I feel fabulous when I put on a pair of tall boots. My goal is to make each and every client feel the same way when I take their photo. Whatever it is, we can make your vision come to life in a way that is unique only to you. So go ahead, think creative…because this isn’t your typical photoshoot. www.tallbootsphotography.com

Good GRuB: What's good for the youth is good for the community

Empowering people as individuals ultimately empowers a community. GRuB is a grassroots organization dedicated to nurturing our youth, who in turn nurture the land, and somehow it all comes full circle.

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Summer is...Concerts at the Gorge

There's no denying that trucking over to Eastern Washington for a Summer concert at the Gorge is one of the perks of being an Olympian. What a venue! The river, the hills...the music. What about you? Have you been to the Gorge? Where did you sleep? And, most importantly, who did you see?

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