The 82nd Annual Pet Parade in Olympia

The 82nd Annual Pet Parade in Olympia

On Saturday, August 20, 2011 is Olympias 82nd annual Pet Parade ( Yes, for 81 years this delightful event has been a part of Olympia's summer family fun - fun for human and non-human family members.

Observers are welcome to bring pets, too. As long as they're comfortable being around other animals.

Pet Parade in Olympia WA 2011The Olympia Pet Parade is one of those charming happenings that makes Olympia feel more like a small town than a capitol city.

For as long as I've known about the parade, it has always had a theme. Most people (and many pets) in the parade are dressed in costumes. This year the theme is "Movie Madness: Villains vs Super Heroes".

Here's how it works... Kids under 16 years old bring their pets downtown & march in this parade. It's free & nobody even has to register in advance. Just show up for lineup (8am) at Heritage Park on Water Street - the park with waterjets that's across from Capitol Lake ( Between 8:30-9:45 judges look at the entrants & decide who will win prizes in one of several categories.

At 10am the parade begins and goes only 8 blocks to end up smack dab in the center of town in Sylvester Park ( It's a short route, which makes it much easier for youngsters and small animals to participate in than Procession of the Species.

At the end of the parade, there's free ice cream & goodies for all at Sylvester Park!

Olympia WA Pet Parade 2011If you attend (or become part of the parade) feel free to bring donations of unopened packages of pet food for Thurston County Animal Services. Although donations will be accepted, they are not required or even expected.

Search online for Olympia Pet Parade, and you can find videos and snapshots from years past.

Kari & Andy

(My cat, Andy, has to get credit for co-authoring this post. He decided to sit next to me in the big armchair as I wrote it. Even more interesting is that he sat upright, like a human, with his back against the back of the chair. What leads me to give him co-author credit, though, is that he had his right arm resting on my left arm the entire time. As I typed, his arm moved along with mine and he carefully supervised the mouse pointer & cursor as I typed.)

Kari Kells - Kari Kells is a professional pet sitter, a partner in Fauna Collective, and the former Research & Knowledge Manager for a local healthy pet store. She is Red Cross certified in pet first aid and CPR, a member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), fully licensed and insured, and recommended by the founder of Feline Friends. Kari's expertise is working with shy cats. Through years of working with a local cat rescue, she understands and is sensitive to the unique needs of animals who have survived traumatic experiences that cause them to be very cautious when meeting new people. Kari writes about animal health and welfare, from her Olympia home, which she shares with her three cats - all of whom have special needs.

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